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Yoga as a tool to improve mental health in post-pandemic

The COVID-19 pandemic has negatively affected the physical and mental health of people all around the world. The rise in the number of illnesses and fatalities has reached an extent where every one of us has been impacted by the illness or death of a loved one, forcing us to take great steps to protect ourselves and our families.

People were compelled to work from home, stay indoors, maintain social distancing from relatives and friends, and make overnight adjustments in every area of their lives as a result of the pandemic. Many lost their jobs as well. Regardless of age, race, culture, and socio-economic status, people’s mental health challenges surfaced as a result of these unfavorable situations that have persisted for the last year and a half.

People all around the world were depressed from the lack of hope for a cure, the fear of being infected and dying, concern for the health and safety of loved ones, and the inability to find other ways to live normally.

However, it’s our responsibility as an individual to remain strong during tough times. When confronted with adversity, one of the most important characteristics is strength. Consider these unexpected circumstances as a chance to learn and grow from the inside. Attempt to cultivate your inner character, integrity, happiness, and divinity. People were able to reassess their goals in life as a result of the pandemic, shifting their focus from external successes to inward growth. During the lockdown, those who reinforced the basis of their inner divine characteristics became better capable of dealing with the problems of the post-pandemic exterior world. They are concentrating on doing good for others while maintaining a spirit of devotion to God and humanity.

Maintaining a focus on inner improvement when you return to regular job routines and socializing habits will be a new challenge for everyone. Setting out a particular time each day to practice the discipline of integrating the body, mind, and spirit via the practice of yoga will help you stay focused on your inner self.

The term “Yog” refers to attaining spiritual oneness with God. The practice of yoga (i.e., poses and postures) allows the body, mind, and soul to unite. The goal of yoga is to get into the inner genuine self and manifest inner divinity. The International Day of Yoga was just observed on June 21st throughout the world. In honor of this day, many organizations held a week-long International Yoga Festival to promote awareness of the impact of yoga on the body, mind, and spirit. How can you use yoga to improve your health, particularly your mental health?

To begin, create a daily yoga asana regimen as a way to connect with your inner self. Learn the postures that are essential for general wellness from experienced yoga teachers. Second, in addition to your everyday yoga practice, make time for pranayam. Pranayam is a natural approach to getting rid of antioxidants from the air you breathe. It also aids in alleviating mental stress. When the mind is stressed, the body’s immunity is weakened, making it more sensitive to outside influences.

Third, meditate as a spiritual practice to maintain a peaceful and positive attitude. Concentrate on the breath as a source of life from the all-pure and divine Lord, of whom you are a speck.

By adding yoga into your daily routine, you will find yourself becoming a happier and healthier person.


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