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Chinese scientists attacked in heinous crime, netizens enraged

China Aerospace Science and Technology Corporation (CASC) officials are accused of attacking two prominent Chinese scientists, including an 85-year-old. Despite the fact that the incident allegedly occurred in early June, it was brought to public attention on July 3. A report of the incident was published by the state-run magazine China News Weekly just last week. China Aerospace Investment Holding, an investment arm of CASC, was reported by local media as perpetrating the attack.

Both the Chinese scientists that were attacked suffered severe injuries: Wu Meirong, an 85-year-old veteran, suffered a fractured spine, and Wang Jinnian (55)  had several broken ribs. After being brutally beaten up, they spent a month in the hospital. According to reports, Zhang was attacked because the scientists refused to recommend him for membership in the International Academy of Astronautics, a Stockholm-based NGO.

‘Angry citizens demand suspension of guilty officials’.
The communist party faced severe backlash for suppressing the news for several weeks and not taking any harsh action against the accused. According to reports, CASC had also been criticized across all spheres for failing to ensure a safe working environment for all. Citizens were enraged by the fact that the Chinese official had gone unpunished for several weeks after brutally attacking scientists until the news had gone public.

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CASC promises ‘to investigate and treat the issue seriously’.
A group of angry Chinese citizens mounted extreme pressure in their call for justice, and the China Aerospace Science and Technology Corporation finally bowed to pressure. The top aeronautics association announced Zhang’s suspension late on Sunday, accusing him of his ‘heinous crime following excessive consumption of alcohol’. It also indicated that the company had sent a team to investigate the incident and stress to ‘take it seriously based on the results’. Earlier this month, China had sent 3 astronauts to its new space station, the Tiangong space station. As the country’s first manned space flight in over 5 years, it was a proud moment for the nation.


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