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Feeling blue this Monday? Defeat it using these five strategies

Despite the fact that we dislike Monday blues, a new study has discovered that there are other days of the week, barring Friday, that are just as unloved. US researchers found Monday is actually not worse than any other working day, except for Friday, according to a poll of 340,000 people.

The popular fixation on the concept of ‘Blue Monday’ should be regarded as a ‘cultural myth’, researchers write in the Journal of Positive Psychology. People were happier as the weekend approached, lending support to the concept of ‘that Friday feeling’. Here are some tips to help you feel better and convince yourself that Mondays aren’t evil:

  • Let’s begin the countdown. Remember that the weekend is just four days away.
  • Remind yourself of the fun you just had over the weekend. This will make you happy and help you sail smoothly through the blues.
  • Indeed, work is worship! If you don’t have enough money, you can’t live the life you want. Having a job provides the funds you need to live the lifestyle of your dreams. Hence, be thankful for having a job to do.
  • Consider those who don’t have the luxury of weekends. Since many people work on weekends, you are certainly lucky to get Saturdays and Sundays off.
  • There is nothing special about Monday. It’s the same. Monday blues are nothing more than psychological effects of work over leisure.

Numerous people dislike the idea of the quintessential Monday morning, whether they work a 9-5 job or work from home. A study even found that Monday mornings are so dismal that employees have only three-and-a-half hours of productive work time.

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You don’t have to dread Mondays anymore. It all depends on how you begin your week. Changing your perspective will make a big difference to your week. Stop thinking of Monday mornings as one of the worst days of the week. Instead, see this as an opportunity to begin something new while achieving your goals.


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