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Monsoon safety tips to avoid slips and injuries

The monsoon is pleasant except when there are accidental slips, trips and falls. These things tend to happen more frequently in rainy seasons, in darkness or on wet and uneven surfaces. ‘The notorious falls could result in serious fractures, sprains or bruises. Thus, it is imperative to prevent falls and improve quality of life,’ said Dr. Rahul Modi, sports injury and knee arthroscopy consultant, House of Doctors.

In addition to walking on the wet floor and wearing inappropriate footwear, vitamin D deficiency, difficulty in walking and balancing, uneven or broken steps, clutter at home, insufficient lighting or darkness, vision problems and tripping over furniture all contribute to falls.

Injuries due to falls

The elderly are more likely to break bones due to falls. Thus, wrist, hand and hip fractures are frequent. Falls can cause sprained ankles and wrists, knee damage, shoulder dislocation, muscle sprains and pain, spine injuries, cuts and bruises, traumatic brain injuries (TBI), scratches, muscles, tendons, ligament, and nerve injuries.

Several of these can cause patients to become immobile and have long-term effects. In order to prevent further complications, a doctor should be consulted immediately.

Here are some tips to avoid slip-and-fall accidents:

– Use handrails when walking on stairs.

– Use flashlights or well-lit pathways instead of dark pathways.

– Wear slip-resistant footwear and avoid wet surfaces. Rubber-soled shoes are ideal.

– Be vigilant.

– When walking on the road, avoid using mobile phones.

– Always use pedestrian paths or walkways.

– Be sure to wipe your feet on a mat after entering a building or house.

– Don’t step in puddles or wet patches in parking lots.

– Make sure that your eyes are healthy.

– Grab bars are needed near the toilet and the shower.

– Taking vitamin D supplements is necessary if you suffer from low bone mineral density due to vitamin D deficiency.

Be alert and stay safe this monsoon.


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