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Best weaning foods for your baby

If your baby is between 6 and 12 months old, it’s time to wean them off breast milk and introduce them to solid foods. Each child has unique nutrient requirements and satisfying those needs is essential to growing up strong and healthy.

Weaning food for your toddler can be challenging, especially if you are not sure about how to prepare them. Lovneet Batra, a nutritionist, brings a list of the easiest and most effective weaning foods for your toddler. ‘Getting children to eat vegetables or try new foods can be a nightmare for many parents. It’s quite stressful,’ Batra says.

Here are some healthy weaning foods she suggests:

Rice water 

Now that your baby is beginning to take solid food, you also have to ensure your child stays hydrated throughout the day. Rice water is basically the starch left behind in water after boiling rice, along with some nutrients. This gives your baby energy. Because rice is considered a low allergen food, it is an ideal first solid food to introduce to babies when weaning from breast milk.

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Mashed fruits

The best way to introduce solid foods to your baby is through fruits. They are packed with all the essential nutrients your toddler needs. Fruits are sweet and are packed with natural sugars, so your baby will love them. Apples are one of the best foods to introduce to your baby. Peel an apple, mash it and feed your baby a few tablespoons.

Vegetable puree

You should ensure that your baby is eating a variety of vegetables when weaning them off breast milk. From mashed potatoes to carrots- you can feed your baby vegetable puree to maintain a healthy diet. Try buying organic veggies instead of regular ones.

Oats porridge

You can’t go wrong with oatmeal or oats porridge when you start giving your baby solid food. It is full of nutrients and is easy on your baby’s digestive tract. Adding fruits, vegetables, and other foods to it will add flavor and your baby will enjoy it.

Boiled vegetables

Vegetables like carrots, beans, bottle gourds and pumpkin can be introduced to your child. Ensure that all of these vegetables are properly boiled and mashed so that your child can enjoy them and eat them better.

In order to succeed with weaning, make mealtimes relaxed and enjoyable, allow your baby to make messes, and include them as much as possible in family mealtimes.


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