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7 simple steps to mindful eating

‘Mindful eating’, as rightly said, ‘is about awareness and appreciation that nourish not just the body, but also the spirit and open the door to appreciating life.’ We shall always emphasize mindful eating, which can be obtained by following a few principles. This is the simplest habit that can be practiced easily by adopting a few changes. Some of them are listed below.

1. Maintaining gaps between meals:

Try to eat in a 10-hour window after your last meal and then fast the rest of the day. It is a good idea to eat small frequent meals during the window. This practice is particularly beneficial for people with type-2 diabetes, cardiovascular diseases and other inflammatory diseases.

2. The key to success is hydration:

Sometimes, we think we’re hungry when in fact we’re dehydrated. If you are going to eat chocolate, then drink a glass of water first; it will keep your body systems running.

3. Know your portions:

Sharing is caring, so if the portion of the dish is big, please share. In this way, you can control your portion size and therefore your calories. It is important to choose your portions carefully.

4. When you eat, just eat:

When you are eating, try to focus on the food and only the food. The distraction of gadgets and other devices leads to unmindful eating. Taste and feel your food when you eat it. Let the stomach extract as many nutrients as possible from it. Nutrient absorption would be affected if the concentration was elsewhere, and the food would be wasted. Digestive juices also work well with foods that are consumed consciously and joyfully.

5. Chewing, chewing and chewing:

Chew your food properly. It takes the brain 20 minutes to respond to increased blood glucose levels (a result of eating food) and tell the body, ‘I’m full’. Respond to the body’s cues. You will eat much more if you eat fast. The 20-20 rule states that you should chew food until it becomes liquid after at least 20 times. It would also lead to better digestion.

6. Eat a healthy diet:

As Robert Urich said, ‘A healthy outside starts from the inside.’ Eating nutrient-rich foods is one way to attain good health. Food can generate happiness and if consumed in a state of sadness, its ability to make nutrients bioavailable is compromised significantly. When you eat, engage your senses. Thus, make the most of your mealtime by being grateful.

7. A mindful shopping list:

Human nature dictates that if we do not have something readily available, we will not want it later. Hence, be mindful what you buy, avoid buying processed foods, bakery products and unhealthy foods. When it’s not at home, you won’t eat it. An effective and simple way to be mindful when eating.

Thus, we now know how easy it can be to incorporate mindful eating into daily life. Eating healthy foods gives you energy and nourishment. Get ready to indulge in very effective mindful eating.


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