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A group of non-MPs has created their own parliament

The Kisan Sansad or Farmers’ Parliament is being held at Delhi’s Jantar Mantar, nearly two kilometers from the actual Parliament, where the Monsoon Session is currently being held. The farmers are conducting a parallel session at the site despite heavy barricades and deployment of security forces. In recent months, farmers have been protesting against the new agricultural laws enacted by the Centre on the borders of Delhi. Sometimes this protest becomes a cause of violence, and sometimes it creates its own legislature.

The Delhi Police has mandated that only 200 people can participate in this ‘Kisan Sansad’. Sanyukt Kisan Morcha claims that 200 leaders of 40 farmer organizations are involved in it. However, if you look closely, only two prominent faces are visible among these 200. The first is Rakesh Tikait, and the second is Yogendra Yadav. These leaders were involved in the farmers’ parade on January 26, during which violence broke out. People in India who enter politics have only one dream: to become an MP one day. Politicians consider it their greatest reward. To reach there, however, one must win the Lok Sabha election. That requires votes, and for votes, there must be issues.

There are both real and fake issues. Fake dharnas, protests, and slogans are often used to gain attention. On July 22, there will be a fake parliament of farmers in Delhi, in which some people will act as fake MPs. However, these people were not able to convince voters that they were real MPs. They have contested the real Lok Sabha elections and lost, and now they are aspiring to become MPs once again by taking the support of innocent farmers.

He represents Muzaffarnagar in Muzaffarnagar, Uttar Pradesh and he stood for election from the Khatauli seat in 2007. In this election, he was not only defeated but also deprived of his security. He ran this election on the Bahujan Kisan Dal ticket and was also backed by Congress. Despite this defeat, his desire to go to the Legislative Assembly and then to the Parliament never went away. Rakesh Tikait represented Amroha in the 2014 Lok Sabha elections. In this seat of Uttar Pradesh, around half the population lives in villages, so farmers make up a majority of voters. Despite this, Tikait, who touts himself as a farmer leader, lost and his security was lost as well.

Having been unable to reach the real Parliament, Tikait made a fake one and is now in the role of a fake MP. It is also true that the leader who has been rejected by the people of his home constituency and does not have the support of real farmers can only fulfill his wishes by becoming a fake parliamentarian. Yogendra Yadav is another such leader. He is considered a movement expert because he gets involved in every movement. Yet, you might not be aware that Yadav, who is playing the role of Speaker in this farmer’s parliament, lost his security in the real election.

Yogi Yadav played for Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal’s team during the 2014 Lok Sabha elections, and the party gave him a ticket from the Gurugram Lok Sabha seat in Haryana. Yogendra received only 4 percent of the vote in this election.  Yadav had become an expert in citizenship law during the Shaheen Bagh protest. He is now an expert on farmers’ issues. Rural areas still call people who lose the election of MP or MLA MP or MLA when they contest the election of MP or MLA. They are fond of being called ‘MP Ji’ and ‘MLA Ji’. There is an addiction that drives these leaders to this point, which in this case is what these two leaders are doing with the help of gullible farmers.

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Clearly, the question that arises now is, what are these protestors demanding? Do they really intend to roll back agricultural laws? There have been 12 meetings between the government and the farmers’ organizations since the movement began on November 26 last year. Government officials have even stated that they are willing to give a written guarantee on the MSP. The government even said in a meeting that it is ready to put on hold these three agricultural laws for one and a half years and to form a committee to review them. Despite these assurances, farmers refused to listen. Rakesh Tikait says that this movement will now continue until 2024 despite all these assurances.

This movement seems to be never ending. They will push for the cancellation of the Citizenship Amendment Act even if the government repeals the agricultural laws. If the government agrees to this demand, these people will start demanding the restoration of Article 370 in Jammu and Kashmir. Movements like this will never end since they are producing fertile soil for those desires left unfulfilled.


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