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‘Moo-sic’: Swiss cows are airlifted off mountain pastures for annual parade

During a bizarre stunt, Cows in Switzerland are being airlifted to their Alpine meadows below. Around 10 cows were shifted from Klausenpass by chopper. As the creatures flew, a length of cable suspended them from the chopper using a mesh harness.

In order to move the cows into more conventional trailers, waiting farmers used guide ropes to bring them safely to land. By contrast, livestock that was more fit and able traveled down the mountainside with their hooves. Farmer Jonas Arnold said: ‘One reason for the helicopter transport is that some pastures cannot be reached by car, and another is that some cows are injured and do not want to walk all the way down’.

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In addition, he added: ‘I didn’t ask the cow how it felt after such an extreme flight because it couldn’t respond, but it’s only a short flight, so it has to continue. Approximately 1% of the herd, which numbers 1,000, required assistance to descend. They will soon head to Switzerland, where the annual cow parade is scheduled to take place’.




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