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Mainstream political parties in Kerala try hard to support Taliban: State BJP chief

On Saturday, K Surendran, the state president of the BJP, claimed that mainstream political parties in Kerala are seeking to extend support to the Taliban after they took control of Afghanistan. After the militants returned to power in the neighboring country, both the ruling CPI(M)-led LDF and the opposition Congress-led UDF played a different brand of politics, he alleged.

According to him, those who take a pro-Taliban stance are the ones who are trying to whitewash the Moplah riots that occurred in 1921. During a press conference here, Surendran said mainstream political parties are competing with each other to extend support to the Taliban. He said so-called ‘milk and honey’ is nourishing religiosity. In his opinion, the Left government and its police force were taking an irresponsible stand while extremist forces were gaining strength across the state. In addition, what he described as ‘ serious ‘ about the capture of a group of Jammu and Kashmir youths with unlicensed firearms in the state.

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A raging debate is taking place in Kerala over whether the Malabar Rebellion aka Moplah (Muslim) Rebellion reported in the northern part of the state in 1921 was a revolt against the British or a communal riot. According to Congress, the rebellion was a shining movement against the anti-imperialist forces, while the CPI(M) called it an agitation against the exploitation of feudal landlords. The BJP and RSS have, however, characterized the rebellion as one of the first manifestations of the Taliban mindset in India, strongly opposing the Left and the Congress in treating it as a part of India’s struggle for independence.


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