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Milking the cow: A video uploaded by Nivetha Thomas lands herself in trouble

Actress Nivetha Thomas landed herself in trouble after she posted a video of her milking a cow. Though the actress shared complete joy over her act , she also said that she made coffee with it . Animal lovers and animal rights activists have blasted her for her actions, calling them irresponsible and amounted to animal cruelty.

Many people took to her comments section to criticize her for promoting the exploitation of animals, while others complained that she was glamourizing the meat and dairy industries. ‘As a feminist, I thought Nivetha would speak out for these chained animals instead of milking them. As a woman, exploiting another female, even if it’s of another species, just seems wrong’. Deepsi Peela, a 16-year-old climate and animal activist, told TOI, ‘You should not profit off the body of another being especially after it has gone through sexual exploitation to keep getting impregnated just to provide humans with milk’.


Teja, an animal activist, wrote, ‘Dairy and beef industries contribute to climate change and animal exploitation. And let’s not forget how unhealthy they are for humans. It is irresponsible to support such an industry on such a huge platform. Similarly, Nivetha glamourizes the meat and dairy industries through her video. Milking a chained-up cow and making a cup of coffee is not the desi accomplishment she seems to think it is’.

However, Nivetha has not yet responded to online criticism. The actress was last seen in filmmaker Sriram Venu’s Vakeel Saab earlier this year, which provided much-needed entertainment for movie buffs. Nivetha reprised the role of Taapsee Pannu from Pink in the Telugu remake of the Hindi film Pink. The character she played was Pallavi Vemula, a victim of sexual abuse and accuser of hurting the abuser.

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Nivetha had earlier said that the film addressed issues such as consent and slut-shaming in society and that such issues needed to be addressed. ‘The movie was made with the intention of addressing prevalent issues in society through entertainment. Since the movie will have its world television premiere this Sunday, I hope that those who have not been able to see it in cinemas, make sure to watch it with your family,’ she had said.


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