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Do’s & Don’ts: Exercise when on menstrual cycle

Being fit has become an important aspect of our life, especially in an era of a sedentary lifestyle. Rather than sitting down and using our laptops or smartphones, we tend to lay on the couch, crawl into bed, or make household chores more often than walking, climbing stairs, or doing chores. Our health is affected in numerous ways by this. Staying active in the present lifestyle has become more prevalent than ever. Particularly for women and girls who love fitness routines, want to stay fit, or want to take up sports, menstruation and the myths surrounding it have always been a problem.

During their periods, many women find it difficult to exercise. Most young girls who want to pursue a career in sports give up their dream when they reach adolescence only because of menstruation. There are many taboos surrounding menstruation among girls and women in our country. The usual advice to women during this time of year is to stay at home and rest. However, few women want to leave the house during those days. While working out while menstruating may seem counter-intuitive, it can help alleviate menstrual symptoms. One must, however, be aware of some do’s and don’ts. Exercise can alleviate the symptoms of menstruation, including various chemical and physical changes in the body.

Exercise can also help increase the production of endorphins-feel-good hormones, and also reduce anxiety, depression, and pain. Despite the fact that some exercises can be done during periods and can relieve period pain, others should be avoided during this time. Consult your health care provider if you are in any kind of confusion. Although it is taboo, here are a few benefits of exercising during your period, beating the myths and taboos:

Boost your mood: Medical experts suggest that getting your body moving can increase blood circulation, which may help alleviate cramps, headaches, or back pain caused by your period.

Reducing PMS symptoms: Women often complain about a variety of PMS symptoms before their period arrives. Over 90% of women report having premenstrual symptoms, such as headaches, moodiness, and stomach upset. If you can do some aerobics or learn a few dance moves, it can do wonders for your health.

Increase your Happy Hormone: According to several scientific studies, endorphins are effective pain killers. Our bodies naturally produce endorphins when we exercise. Exercise can provide some comfort during periods when dealing with menstrual cramps.

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Maintain your fitness routine: Leaving your fitness routine for more than two to three days becomes a great hurdle to staying on track with your fitness routine. As a result, choosing lightweight clothing as well as following some yoga practices that are advised during your periods can help keep your body in shape.

Don’ts: Daily exercises, heavy weight lifting, running, some yoga positions, and intense workouts are generally discouraged during menstruation. It is important to consult your physician prior to engaging in these exercises during periods in case of pregnancy, injury, or any health issue.



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