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Taliban order Afghan women workers to stay at home

Afghanistan’s interim mayor says the country’s new Taliban rulers have ordered many female city employees to stay home. In a statement to reporters, Hamdullah Namony said only those women who could not be replaced by men were permitted to report for work. This includes skilled workers in the design and engineering departments as well as female attendants at public restrooms for women.

Despite their initial promises of tolerance and inclusion, Namony’s comments were another sign that the Taliban are enforcing their harsh interpretation of Islam, including restrictions on women’s participation in public life. Prior to the Taliban’s reign in the 1990s, all women and girls were barred from schools and jobs.

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According to the mayor, a final decision regarding female employees in Kabul municipal departments still needs to be made, but they will start drawing salaries in the meantime. Almost one-third of close to 3,000 city employees, including those in all departments, were women before the Taliban took over Afghanistan last month.


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