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Vaccine impact on menstrual cycles needs to be studied, scientist says.

Since the introduction of COVID-19 vaccines, more than thirty thousand women in United Kingdom has reported their menstrual cycle being disrupted after receiving the vaccine shots, experts say. UK’s Yellow Card scheme has allowed the citizens to voluntarily report their side effects to any medication which includes vaccinations. And thousands of women say that their menstrual cycles are getting changed.

A reproductive immunologist from Imperial College London, Dr. Victoria Male, wrote in the British Medical Journal that even though these changes are short-lived, the reasons behind this disruption is crucial and should be studied. She also wrote that thorough research in this field is critical to the overall success of the vaccination program. The effects of medical interventions on menstruation should never be of high priority in future research.

National Institute of Health of United States is investing 1.67 million dollars to investigate the impacts caused by the vaccines on menstrual cycles. Author of Invisible Women, Caroline Criado-Perez said that women were excluded from many trials of vaccine because of potential menstrual cycle effects, let alone investigation on the impacts of vaccines on menstruation.
The majority of those who reported alterations in the menstrual cycle also reported that they returned to the normal state quickly. There is no reason to be significantly worried about the long-term effects of the vaccine, Dr. Male wrote.


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