The only job for women in Kabul is to clean female bathrooms: Report

The Taliban are slowly veering away from their initial promise to respect women’s rights, according to Kabul’s acting mayor Hamdullah Nohmani, who stated that only those women who did jobs men could not do were permitted to return to work. While talking about such jobs, he mentioned ‘female public restrooms in bazaars’.

‘Initially, we allowed them all to attend their duties on time, but then the Islamic Emirate decided that we would have to stop their work for some time,’ he said as per CNN, ‘We only allowed females for jobs which men could not handle or jobs that are not men’s jobs. For example, there are public female toilets in bazaars’. The mayor has ordered women to stay at home and only males whose duties cannot be completed by women to work.

Taliban officials claimed that women would be respected according to Sharia after capturing power in Afghanistan. Even though they stated that women could attend universities, the gradual steps taken over time raised many questions. Images of male and female university students separated in a classroom by a partition made headlines around the world.

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The education ministry ordered male secondary school students and teachers to return to school on Friday. There was no mention of female students. This has raised fears that the Taliban could once again stand in opposition to women’s education. On the same day that Kabul’s mayor spoke, Afghan women took to the streets to demand their rights. On Sunday (September 19), a dozen women held placards and marched on Kabul street.


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