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If you forget to flush the public toilet in this country, you may go to jail!

Every country has its own laws, rules, and regulations. In many countries, even the smallest error is punishable harshly. Singapore’s government prioritizes cleanliness in public places. Singapore imposes a heavy fine on people who do not flush after using the toilet in order to maintain cleanliness in public restrooms. Sometimes, harsh punishments are imposed on such people for teaching them a lesson in cleanliness.

Singapore is a colorful country and well known for its cleanliness. It is fined over $150, (roughly Rs 8000), for not flushing the toilet after you use it. Failure to pay the fine can also lead to jail time. Such strict measures are intended to make everyone aware of the importance of cleanliness. If you visit the country, don’t forget to flush. Tourists and travelers are advised to always research the local laws and traditions of the place they are visiting. Spitting, walking around naked, and using an unsecured Wi-Fi network can all lead to fines in Singapore. One should be aware of the laws and rules of the government there before visiting the place to avoid trouble

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In addition to not flushing the toilet, it is illegal in Singapore to sell chewing gum. It is legal to sell chewing gum that has specific medicinal properties as per a prescription from a physician. Playing an instrument is also illegal if it irritates someone. Flying kites over traffic is also punishable in the country. It is also illegal to feed leftover food to pigeons. Singapore also prohibits urinating in public spaces and graffiti art on the walls.



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