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World’s bizarre school rules you’d never think exist!

School days were pretty precious days… they will always be in our hearts as some of the most special days of our lives. But what if you studied at a school where you couldn’t make best friends or go to the washroom three times in a semester? Some schools have bizarre rules for students, believe it or not. Here are a few:

You can’t make friends
Our first relationships are usually formed at school, when we make friends. When our best friends are going through bad times, we are always there for them. This is not allowed at Thomas’s school in the UK. In fact, students are not allowed to form close friendships! According to the school, it hopes to prevent children from experiencing the trauma of having a breakup with a close friend. Prince George, the young royal son of Prince William, attended Thomas’s school in London with the hopes of making friends.

No red pens for teachers
The county of Cornwall in the UK bans the use of red ink to grade or make corrections on student papers because red ink is viewed as being a very negative colour. Instead, green is used. Teachers encourage and motivate students by writing some positive comments on their work. According to Jennie Hick, vice-principal of the school, switching to the new marking system won’t mean going soft and fuzzy.

Lunchtime naps at the school
Gaoxin No. 1 Elementary School in China allows students to take naps between 12:10 and 2 pm during lunch time. Gao stated that since lunchtime is at 12:10 pm, classes begin at 2:00 pm, and parents do not have the time to pick up and pick up their children to go home, children taking a nap on the desks have the support of parents. However, resting on the desk can leave the children feeling fresh in the afternoon.

Gao explained that the school has always had lunch naps like this ever since it opened, regardless of what time of year it is, and no child has ever fallen off a desk while taking a nap. She added, ‘We have strict rules; when kids are taking a nap, there is always a teacher watching them. If parents are able to pick up and drop off their child, they can also ask the school to allow them to take their children home to rest at noon’.

Relationships are banned
Girls and boys today are more likely to date someone and, apparently, this distracts them from their studies. As a serious matter, many Japanese academies forbid relationships so that pupils can concentrate on their education.

Good looks are not allowed
Everyone wants to look good, but is it possible without cosmetics? Some Japanese schools prohibit students from wearing makeup, painted nails, or shaving their legs. School officials want students to devote more time to studying rather than being worried about how they look.

Neither high fives nor hugs
If we are sitting in a group and someone tells a funny joke, or if we win something as a team, we do high fives and hugs, or if we meet friends after a long vacation, we hug. However, some schools in England and the United States forbid these physical contacts. They argue that it interferes with the academic experience of the students. Most parents oppose this rule.

Washroom access is limited 
How would you react if you were asked to study in a school where students are only allowed to use the bathroom three times during class every semester? Obviously, you would refuse! There is, however, Evergreen Park High School in Chicago that imposed this rule in 2011 to ensure students don’t miss valuable class time.

One student, Sam, said her classmate was disciplined after having to use the restroom twice. The teacher got extremely upset and she was escorted out by security. However, EPHS Principal Bill Sanderson told NBC Chicago that the policy is designed to prevent students from using bathroom breaks as an excuse to miss class, and to give students who may miss class during a bathroom break the chance to make up the work.

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Divider between students
In a viral picture posted on the internet, male and female students are seated separately in a new classroom at Avicenna University in Kabul, Afghanistan. Girls and boys cannot sit together in schools and colleges.


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