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Shakira attacked by wild boars in park, says ‘they destroyed everything in my bag’

Shakira said that she was attacked by a couple of wild boars who took her handbag while walking in a park in Spain with her kid. The singer, in an Instagram story, held up her filthy and ripped bag as proof, which she claimed boars tried to take away into the woods.

‘Look how they left my bag, the two wild boars that attacked me in the park. They were taking my bag to the woods with my phone in it. They’ve destroyed everything,’ the singer said, speaking in Spanish.

With the expansion of urban areas, boars have become a prevalent nuisance in cities. The animals have become increasingly prevalent in European cities.

In another high-profile hog incident, a wild pig snatched a laptop from a man sunbathing nude in Berlin. The nudist was able to track down the boar and her two piglets and retrieve his laptop, but not before being photographed. A Roman woman’s groceries were stolen by ravenous boars in May.

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Last week, a video of a group of more than a dozen wild boars roaming the congested streets of Via Trionfale went viral. The video sparked comments that Rome should have ‘wild boar lanes’ instead of bike lanes and it rapidly became a point of contention in the mayoral election.

In 2016, Barcelona police received over 1,200 reports about wild boars behaving badly, from rushing into cars and causing traffic jams to digging through turf and rubbish. In places as far apart as Hong Kong and Houston, feral pigs have become a nuisance.


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