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For NYT Journalist, Indian Pilot’s Feast of Navratri Equals ‘undercurrent of religion’

A prominent New York Times reporter took to Twitter to belittle the words and intentions of a domestic airline pilot in what appears to be a ‘woke’ effort to defame a country known for its culture and hospitality. In a flight attendant’s report, the captain of the plane shared his interpretation of the city of destination (Varanasi to Kolkata) and the mythological significance of the celebration of Navratri and Dussehra. An NYT reporter who said, ‘there is an undercurrent of religion everywhere onboard’ (India), appeared perturbed by the festive spirit on board the aircraft.

¬†Reporter complains about IndiGo pilot’s India talk
The reporter – Emily Schmall – chose to crib about the religious occasion instead of appreciating the spirit of people and community. It appears that, while the experience might have been valuable for some of the fellow Indigo passengers aboard the Varanasi to Kolkata flight, a foreign journalist perceived this celebration as being ‘based on religion’ and took offense to the pilot’s observations about what India means to him.

Self-proclaimed ‘intellectually defiant’ NYT reporter wrote on Twitter, ‘An undercurrent of religion is everywhere here. IndiGo airline captain gives a lecture on the Hindu festival of Navaratri, describes flight path from Varanasi to Kolkata as the city of Shiv to the city of Shakti: India for me is not just a noun; it’s an adjective, a quality’.

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The netizens reacted quickly 
Some others did not agree with the foreign reporter’s point of view, but only a few did. Author Rajiv Malhotra responded, ‘I am glad this NYT journo in India is getting a solid response to her tweet. No more apologizing for our faith just to impress Amrikans’.


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