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‘No politics, no economics’; Actor Prithviraj leads celeb campaign to decommission Mullaperiyar dam

Amid fears over Mullaperiyar’s strength due to the rising water level, Mollywood celebs have launched a social media campaign calling for its decommissioning. Prithviraj, who was vocal about the recent civic strife in the Lakshwadeep Islands, backed a campaign to decommission the Mullaperiyar Dam.

Prithvi wrote on his social media accounts, ‘Regardless of the facts and findings, this 125-year-old dam cannot exist as a functioning structure! We need to put politics and economics aside and do what is right. We should pray the system does the right thing’.

Actor Unni Mukundan also shared a post emphasizing that the campaign should reach the authorities. Actor-director Jude Anthony also joined the campaign. Due to the laxity on the part of the authorities, Jude suggested that a petition could be filed together to resolve the matter. Kerala is getting increasingly worried about the safety of the dam as an alert was sounded last week after the water level in the dam rose to 136 feet.

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In addition, a report published by the United Nations Institute identifies Mullaperiyar Dam as one of the six dams in the world that could fail due to decay, structural weaknesses, or natural catastrophes. The failure of a dam in Kerala would have disastrous consequences, affecting nearly 3.5 million people.



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