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Avoid showing violence, vulgarity, obscenity: The Vice President urges film makers

Vice President M Venkaiah Naidu on Monday, urged filmmakers to avoid presenting violence, gross vulgarity and obscenity in their work. ‘A film should be a vehicle with a higher purpose – a carrier of social, moral and ethical message,’ he remarked at the 67th National Film Awards event.

According to M Venkaiah Naidu, films should avoid highlighting violence and ‘voice society’s disapproval of social evils.’ He went on to say that a good film should be able to touch people’s hearts and thoughts. He urged filmmakers and artists to use the medium for the benefit of society and the country. ‘Apart from entertainment, cinema also has the power to provide enlightenment and should usher in positivity and happiness and not be restricted to plain entertainment,’ he added.

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The vice-president cautioned the film industry against doing anything that weakens the rich culture, traditions, values, and ethos of our great civilisation. M Venkaiah Naidu discussed India’s soft power as the world’s largest film producer, noting that Indian films are seen all over the world. ‘Films are among our foremost cultural exports and serve as a key link in connecting the global Indian community to the rhythms of life back home,’ he said.

Naidu further added that as Indian films have a global audience, they should convey ‘Indianness’ and serve as cultural ambassadors.


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