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The Health Benefits of Boiled Eggs During Winters

Eggs are recognised to be the finest source of protein as well as a nutritional powerhouse. One of the best things about eggs is that they can be cooked in a variety of ways, including boiled, omelette, scrambled and fried. Boiled eggs are high in healthy fat and do not contribute to weight gain. The vitamin D in egg yolk helps to prevent colds and flu, thus eating a cooked egg every day enhances immunity. Eggs are also good for your skin, eyes and hair.

A cooked egg may supply 77 calories of energy. It has 0.6 grammes of carbohydrate, 1.6 grammes of saturated fat, 5.3 grammes of fat, 2 grammes of monounsaturated fat, 6.3 grammes of protein, 212 milligrammes of cholesterol, 6% vitamin A, 9% vitamin B12, 15% vitamin B2, 7% vitamin B5, 22% selenium, and 86 milligrammes of phosphorus. During the winter, the body needs more energy to retain body heat, which makes eggs a perfect diet for this time of year.

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Here are four more reasons to incorporate eggs in your diet:

Eye and brain health: Antioxidants present in eggs are crucial for brain and eye health. Choline, a substance found in eggs, helps to improve memory and the neurological system. Vitamin A is necessary for clear vision.

Acts as a protein supplement: An egg has a protein content of almost 6 grammes. As a result, eating eggs helps to prevent protein deficiency in the body. Proteins are necessary to repair your body cells.

Removes iron deficiency: In eggs, there is a lot of iron. It also reduces body fatigue significantly.

Booster of Immunity: One cooked egg everyday keeps the body healthy. Antioxidants, proteins, and a variety of minerals found in eggs help to enhance immunity.


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