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Trick or treat ? Halloween is here in its spookiest form ! So treat yourself to goodies , kids !

Halloween is just round the corner, so all things unknown are bound to become more fascinating at this time of year. There is a spooky filter on the world, and even the most ordinary things seem strange if you look hard enough. Outer space, however, is mysterious and arouses everyone’s interest. It’s already fascinating and a little scary, to tell the truth. Halloween brings with it its own set of spooky phenomena. This Halloween, we have a very special mix for you: the spookiest of outer space seen by NASA’s Hubble Space Telescope! So put on your scary glasses and enjoy!

‘Space Snake’
The very first spooky image we see from space is a massive phenomenon that resembles a snake. The Hubble Space Telescope captured this image that first appears like a snake with its tongue out, hissing. However, what we have here is a dramatic triplet of galaxies. Hubble caught three galaxies interacting with each other and engaging in a tug of war in three dimensions. The system features a collection of these weird and wonderful galaxies in our vast universe.

Space Monster
An image of a monster with glowing eyes and face is what one sees when they first see it. Although we would love to believe that it is a Halloween monster (we think we’re getting carried away! ), it is an image of an ‘Einstein Ring’. Hubble caught this image of a greatly magnified and distorted distant galaxy. According to NASA, the distortion is due to the gravitational warping of space, and the galaxy is 9.4 billion light years away from us.

Fighting Dragons
We believe these are two dragons or possibly lion-dragon hybrids that are fighting fire with fire out in space in a destructive battle. That’s far from the truth! This image actually shows a stellar nursery or a star-forming region. This image, located in the constellation of Gemini, shows the formation of a massive star. Stars form in a dusty environment, and this cloud of dust blocks the light of the stars from reaching us. The image is illuminated by the light of the star reaching Hubble’s eye through gaps in this dusty cloud. Despite its spooky appearance, it is an awe-inspiring image when viewed in its entirety.

Ball of Fire
Next, we see a giant man spitting out a fireball from his mouth. Doesn’t that seem to fit nicely with our Halloween theme? Hubble, however, spotted a bipolar planetary nebula in the constellation Scutum (the Shield). It is formed when a star (a ball of fire nonetheless!) emits material from its outer layers in large quantities, creating the cloud of gas and dust that forms the nebula.

The Angel of Death
Who else could it be but the Angel of Death, with those huge black wings and the golden cane with the somewhat elongated face? No doubt! However, we seem to have missed the mark… Again! Hubble captured this image of the Milky Way right here, and it shows the birthplace for new stars. A Herbig-Haro object, around 1,350 light-years away, was captured in 2015, and they are associated with newborn stars.


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