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You can be fined Rs 74,000 for chewing gum in this country

Many countries ban things they consider to be common to other places around the world so as to keep the place clean and improve society. For instance, Singapore has banned the sale of chewing gum. It is said that Singapore’s progress has been made possible by its disciplined population. To maintain discipline, many rules have been implemented. Lee Kuan Yew, Singapore’s first Prime Minister, once said that indiscipline among the people could be the biggest obstacle to development. As a result, Lee imposed many restrictions throughout the country.

How did Singapore come to ban chewing gum?

In the beginning, the chewing gum ban was enacted to reduce gum litter in high-rise apartment buildings, public parks, and public transportation vehicles. When gum is left on lift buttons, mailboxes, and inside keyholes, it increases the cost of cleaning and sometimes damages equipments. Since 1992, a ban on chewing gum sales has helped the nation maintain its reputation as one of the cleanest. Though an exception in the law was made in 2004, therapeutic, dental, or nicotine chewing gum purchased from a doctor or pharmacist will not be considered illegal.

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Additionally, there is also a heavy fine for leaving gum in public places across the country. As a result, a fine up to Rs 74,000 can be imposed, while a fine greater than Rs 1 lakh and a two-year jail term can also be imposed if the offender is caught illegally eating or throwing gum.


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