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Human – Animal hybrids , Alien attacks – predicted by Time traveller

There have been many predictions which claim that extra terrestrial life is already there in this planet – we call them ‘ Aliens ‘. Is there any evidence to support this? There is a ‘time traveler’ claiming that aliens are real and are going to invade the Earth soon. On TikTok and Instagram, he is known as an aesthetic time warper and claims to be here to help humanity.

According to the account, he is a time traveler from the year 2714. Apparently, Area 51 is trying to create a human-animal hybrid, and they have already begun their work. By the year 2023, there will be a successful human-rat hybrid. They asked us to note five dates and events around the end of 2021 and 2022 in order to prove that the account is used by a time traveller. A time traveler believes that three teens will open a portal to an alternate universe by using an egg from a T Rex dinosaur in December. Moreover, the mythical sunken city of Atlantis will be found in the Atlantic Ocean in 2022, inhabited by humans and fish.

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There was a clip on the account that suggested that ‘something amazing will happen on August 11, 2021’. This meteor shower will last two weeks in the northern hemisphere and carry the Nozic Message. One should keep it in mind that this is not the first time such predictions come from the traveler. Another time traveler claims to be stuck alone in 2027 and shows footage of empty streets and empty places.


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