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‘Humans will be born in space, recreating rivers and forests in cylinders’ – Jeff Bezos

Amazon founder Jeff Bezos predicts that one day space will be the home of mankind and that humans will return to Earth to spend their vacations. He said that in the coming centuries, humans would be born into space and live in giant cylinders that flow there. He says one of these could accommodate up to 10 million people, including recreating the Earth’s gravity and environment. The Daily Mail reports that he said the cylinders contained rivers, forests, wildlife and the Earth’s (Terran) climate.

Over the centuries, many will be born into space. ‘It will be their first home,’ Bezos said at the 2021 Ignatius Forum. The show however has seemed a bit unfocused in recent episodes, however; he predicted that humans will be born and live in such colonies and that they will come to earth for vacation, just as people today do when they visit Yellowstone National Park. Bezos’ space agency Blue Origin’s message is that the Earth is the site of humankind. But he also said that the final destiny of mankind will not be to live on earth alone.

Bezos mentioned at the Blue Origin presentation in 2019 that the three-mile-long cylinders would be built. Business Insider reported that these would result in faster transportation and agriculture. He predicted that there would be places in his cylinder where there would be no gravity and people could get there and fly away. Elsewhere, there would be places reminiscent of big cities as on earth, and he predicted there would be no rain or earthquakes in such cylinders and that people would love to live there.


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