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Paataal Lok ? Delve into the world 3000ft below the ground !

India never ceases to daze netizens with dark secrets from the bygone era! Here’s another one to add to the list! You will be amazed to discover that there are 12 villages in India that are located 3000 meters underground. There are many dense trees in these settlements so even the sun rays can barely reach the ground. According to folklore, this is the same location where Lord Rama’s wife Sita made the decision to sink below the ground. Some people think that when the demon Ahiravan lifted Lord Shri Ram and Lord Laxman and carried them to ‘Pataal Lok,’ where Lord Hanuman saved them.

Pataalkot is the name of the location where these 12 villages are located. Pataalkot is located in Madhya Pradesh’s Chhindwara district. The place has a plethora of medicinal plants. People of the Bhuria tribe live in the area, and most of them live in huts.

It should be emphasised here that the people of Pataalkot desire to keep their distance from the outside world. They cultivate majority of their own food in these villages and only salt to be bought from outside. Previously, these settlements were cut off from the rest of the world. Some of these settlements have recently been connected by road.

It’s interesting to note that Paataalkot even kept Covid 19 from entering their village!


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