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‘Cheeseburger with teeth’ : Nickname for a newly discovered fish

There is a new sea creature discovered almost every second day. Additionally, a fisherman found a fish that looks like a ‘cheeseburger with teeth’. The Russian fisherman made the bizarre discovery while working on a commercial fishing boat. The 39-year-old from Murmansk said he usually catches cod, haddock and mackerel out on the Norwegian and Barents seas, but he has also caught more bizarre marine life occasionally.

Roman took a picture of the ‘unknown beast from the depths of the sea’ the moment he captured it, then shared it on Instagram. His caption was full of questions. He wrote, ‘Is it a sea cheeseburger with teeth? Or New chicken sandwich from some fast food restaurant? Or KFC’s new seafood double-down sandwich? Or McDonald’s new McRib sandwich? Or CarpenterBurger?’


Social media users had a lot of different responses to the questions. Several people compared it to teenage mutant ninja turtles or even a cheeseburger. They even compared it to a cheeseburger.

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The fish, despite several suggestions, remains unidentifiable. However, it is not the first time Roman has found unusual fish – he’s also captured a fish wearing lipstick, some with unusual patterns, one with bright yellow eyeballs and all sorts of others. Fishermen across the world find unusual creatures all the time. Italian sailors were amused and confused when they saw a fish that looked like a strange cross between a shark and a pig a few months ago.

In the town of Portoferraio, on the Italian island of Elba, crewmen from a naval vessel anchored in the Darsena Medicea spotted the unusual creature floating in the water. It looked like it had the body of a shark, but the face of a pig.


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