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Fisherman finds sea creature that looks like ‘cheeseburger with teeth’

Many animals are yet to be discovered in the deep waters by researchers. When they wash up on a beach or are seen on high-tech cameras, they attract attention. A fisherman just caught something strange from the ocean depths in Russia.

Roman Fedorstov discovered an extraordinary water monster that resembles a ‘cheeseburger with teeth’. The 39-year-old found the creature while he was working on a commercial fishing boat. On Instagram, Roman shared a photo of the ‘unknown beast from the bottom of the sea’.

People compared the marine monster to a ‘cheeseburger’ or a ‘teenage mutant ninja turtle’ in the comments section. It was even compared to a chicken sandwich by some. One user said, ‘Holy c**p, I didn’t even realise that was a fish’. Another wrote, ‘I thought this was the new chicken sandwich to eat at first’. A third user commented, ‘The nasty burger from Spongebob’.

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Despite the ideas, the strange fish is yet to be recognised and Roman is unsure of what species it belongs to.

This isn’t the first time that Roman discovered strange marine creatures! He had previously caught a fish wearing lipstick, fish with odd patterns, a fish with brilliant yellow eyeballs and a variety of other creatures.


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