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Unarmed tribal woman fights off leopard, snatches her son from its jaw in MP

No one loves and protects their child more than a mother. A courageous tribal mother from a Madhya Pradesh hamlet proved the adage true when she pulled her son from a leopard’s paws while struggling fiercely with the animal. Despite her eight-year-old son being abducted by a leopard, the woman maintained her composure and confined her other children inside her hut as she rushed towards a forest in the direction where the feline had seized her son.

The infant was injured and the mother was injured as well when the leopard attacked her, but she managed to escape with her son alive, an act of bravery praised by forest department personnel and state Chief Minister Shivraj Singh Chouhan. The event occurred on Sunday night in Badi Jharia hamlet, in the Sanjay Tiger Reserve’s buffer zone in Madhya Pradesh’s Sidhi district, around 500 kilometres from Bhopal.

According to Y P Singh, the tiger reserve’s director, a Baiga tribal woman, Kiran sat near a fire with her three children outside their hut to keep them warm. A leopard emerged out of nowhere and grabbed her son Rahul in its jaws in a short second before fleeing. The woman was taken aback by the unexpected change of events, but she maintained her composure. She kept her other two children in the hut and dashed into the bush, where she witnessed the leopard fleeing with her son.

She pursued the leopard for nearly a kilometre before the large animal sought refuge in the woods and clawed the toddler. As per the official, she kept trying to frighten the leopard away with a stick while simultaneously raising an alert. ‘The leopard probably got scared with the woman’s courage and left the child. While Kiran immediately took her son in her arms, the feline attacked her. However, she overpowered the big cat with her valour’, the official said.

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Other locals arrived at the scene after hearing Kiran’s plea for help, and the leopard then vanished into the forest. The official further stated that the kid suffered bruises to his back, cheeks, and eyes, and his mother was also injured in the incident.

Aseem Bhuria, a buffer zone ranger, subsequently got them admitted to a primary health centre and gave them Rs 1,000 in cash. According to the source, the forest department would cover all costs associated with their care. CM Chouhan praised the woman’s bravery in a tweet on Tuesday.


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