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Shanavas gestures into the annals of history ! Know more about the paraplegic who defeats fate !

As we all know it’s not easy to arrive at a good business line – let alone, run it successfully! And this is the case of normal people, but listen to this story about a successful businessman who has not risen from his bed for the past 12 odd years!

Shanavas was as normal as you and me but a serious motor accident made the rest of his life into that of a paraplegic who could not move out of his bed! But wait ! This didn’t stop him from pursuing a timber business which he manages with the help of modern devices which can do and even think for you!

Shanavas stumbled into the timber business by chance. “Following graduation, I pursued studies in hotel management and health inspection. Later, in Parappa, I ran an electric shop. My father-in-law owned a timber company in the area. At the age of 31, I was compelled to take care of his business after his death. The company grew, and we were having a terrific time. At this point, the accident appeared as a villain “Shanavas stated.

He has a message for people who crumble in the face of life’s challenges: “When confronted with such situations, we must accept and adapt to reality. Despite being paralysed, I am able to live a happy and successful life thanks to the help I receive from my family, friends, and others. Similarly, everyone should assist persons in crises in overcoming their difficulties.”


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