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Hyderabad witnesses India’s first cutting edge lung transplant

Following the United States and Canada, India witnessed a breathing lung transplant on Saturday in Hyderabad. Breathing Lung Transplant is a procedure that helps to extend the period between the harvest of the organ and the transplant. It also improves the ability of the recipient’s body to accept the organ by eliminating infection and lowering the waste of donated lungs. On Saturday, the first procedure was carried out at the Krishna Institute of Medical Sciences in Hyderabad.

A donated lung becomes ‘breathing’ after being placed in a hermetically sealed ‘organ reconditioning box’ and being treated with a nutrient solution containing antibiotics and other fluids to flush out the infection. It is then forced to breathe artificially using a ventilator, which re-energizes collapsed areas. Bronchoscopy cleans up the airways, and numerous tests can be performed at the same time to analyse and improve the lung’s performance. The whole procedure is constantly supervised by a group of physicians who also keep track of how effectively the lung is working.

When the transplant is completed, the patient receives an organ that is in better shape, allowing the body to absorb it more easily and ensuring long-term durability. According to Dr. Attawar, whose team of 50 specialists has been working on perfecting this technique for the past six months, this method boosts the quantity of useable organs by 30%.

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With 80% of the country’s lung transplants taking place in Hyderabad, the city is quickly establishing itself as the nation’s lung transplant capital. ‘By performing a highly complex procedure, they once again proved this is the best transplant team not just in India, but possibly in the whole of Asia’, added Dr Abhinay Bollineni, Chief Executive Officer, KIMS Hospitals.


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