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Quite Retro: Archaeologists Discover Remnants Of 8000-Year-Old Alcohol

According to TNN, archaeologists discovered 8000-year-old clay pots found in central China that contained the earliest signs of monascus being used for making alcohol by Chinese people. The discovery occurred on December 17.

According to Li Yongqiang, an assistant researcher with the Institute of Archaeology of the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences, a lot of monascus hypha and cleistothecia were found in two clay pots found at the Peiligang cultural site in Henan Province.

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As a result of the discovery, Li says, the pots were once used for brewing and storing alcohol. The history of Piliang can be traced back to a very early time in China. There is significant evidence in this revelation about the origin and development of agriculture, pottery-making, the textile industry, as well as alcohol-making techniques in ancient times.

A lot is revealed about the ancient Chinese and their customs, as well as how they brewed their alcohol. A lot of things will change in the way Chinese history is perceived, and it will also serve as a springboard for future research.


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