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‘Don’t use Twitter – you may be fired’: Elon Musk

Elon Musk is popular not only for heading the most valuable electric vehicle company (EV) but also for his snappy remarks on Twitter. This 50-year-old billionaire is frequently seen tweeting about cryptocurrency and artificial intelligence, sharing memes that most professionals would hesitate to post in a strict corporate environment.

Microblogging is a platform that can even get you fired if you post something ‘controversial’. Old internet users like to remind us: ‘Speak without consequences.’ Hence, Musk has turned this fiasco into a meme with this witty one-liner that might even be considered a warning.

The latest meme he shared features an image of Twitter with the words, ‘get fired from your job in five to ten years’. It also adds, ‘say something you want’. Though it is not easily decipherable, it could remind one of the childhood lesson, ‘think before you speak’. What makes this tweet more interesting is Musk’s own comment that reads, ‘Good thing I never tweet anything controversial’.

Tesla’s CEO recently got into trouble after he decided to sell some of his Tesla shares based on a Twitter poll. Tesla investor David Wagner had sued Musk for allegedly violating US securities laws. The US regulator even sued him in 2018 after he joked about taking Tesla private. Tesla stock prices are allegedly manipulated by Musk’s tweets.

Some cryptocurrency enthusiasts scorned him for referring to the new internet buzzword ‘Web3’ as ‘BS.’ Web3 is an evolution of the ‘worldwide web’ that includes blockchains. Users can become stakeholders instead of simply audience members or uploaders. In his old tweet, he claimed that Web3 is ‘more marketing buzzword than reality right now’.



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