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Indian Aviation Ministry flexes muscles : Becomes stricter with ‘one passenger ,one cabin baggage’ rule !

When it comes to carrying more than one cabin baggage on a flight, you may no longer be able to do so. The Central Industrial Security Force (CISF), which is responsible for airport security, has called for stricter implementation of the ‘one hand bag’ policy. As per the rules framed by the Bureau of Civil Aviation Security (BCAS), the CISF’s IG for airports has written that ‘no passenger should be allowed to carry more than one hand bag’. It has been observed that most passengers take two or three bags to the screening point. This has resulted in longer clearance times, as well as delays, congestion and inconvenience to travelers at PESC [pre-embarkation security check.

The letter dated January 19, 2022 requested better implementation of the hang bag rule. The BCAS is the security regulator for the aviation sector. The CISF has urged the BCAS to ensure airlines and airports take measures to implement the ‘one hand bag’ rule. Prior to allowing passengers to proceed to a security checkpoint, airline staff should have the responsibility of checking and verifying the number of bags they are carrying.. Airports should also be instructed to display information about the rule prominently.

‘This is not a new rule. The CISF has only sought measures to ensure this rule is not flouted. Our aviation security circular permits only one handbag [per passenger]. But certain personal items are exempted. These include ladies’ purses, laptop bags, umbrellas, walking sticks, cameras or binoculars, books, infant feeding aids, and overcoats. Passengers will be allowed to carry these items in addition to one hand bag,’ Jaideep Prasad, Joint Director-General, BCAS, told The Hindu.

Various airlines have clearly stated that passengers can only check in one cabin baggage and a few personal items. Depending on the airline and whether you are flying in economy class or business class, the bag can weigh between 7kg and 12kg.  India is not the only country that follows the one handbag rule. Passengers are typically allowed to carry a carry-on bag and a personal item on international flights. In addition, airlines like Singapore Airlines and Qatar Airways offer an additional piece of luggage for their Business class passengers.


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