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Woman experiencing back pain for 3 months finds bullet near her spine in Israel

Israeli woman Adi Bloy decided to investigate the cause of her muscle spasms after three months of suffering pain. On a CT scan, a metal object was discovered stuck near her spine and the ‘object’ turned out to be a bullet after surgery. It was found that she had been shot three months prior at a wedding, and the bullet had been in her body all these times.

According to reports, Bloy was at a wedding for a close friend in Pasgot Winery in the West Bank when she felt a searing ache. ‘In the middle of the wedding ceremony, I felt a crazy blow in my back. From my shoulders to my feet, there was crazy pain. I thought at first I pulled a muscle, I didn’t see a hole in my dress’, Bloy said.

She noticed a small amount of blood on her hand after she held the spot but only found a small scratch there. Her pals shrugged off the issue and told her not to worry. She requested a CT scan after three months of agony, which revealed a metal object trapped in her body near her spine.

The gunshot was allegedly fired by a Palestinian from the nearby town of Mukhmas, although authorities were unsure if it was done on purpose or by accident.

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Bloy said that she went to the doctor after the incident and was prescribed antibiotics. The ache, though, lingered for a month. Finally, the doctors discovered the object was a 5.56mm bullet only after doing surgery to remove it.

‘I have back pain, neck pain. Also a kind of mental trauma’, the woman said. According to local media sources, Bloy is now seeking identification as a terror victim from the National Insurance Institute and the Defense Ministry.


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