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France prohibits unvaccinated from entering public spaces


People who have not been vaccinated against COVID-19 are no longer allowed in France’s restaurants, pubs, tourist places, or sports stadiums, unless they have recently recovered from the virus.

The new rule, which requires a “vaccine pass” as part of the government’s anti-virus policy, went into force on Monday.

The number of daily coronavirus infections in France is at an all-time high, and hospitals are continuing to fill up with virus patients, despite the fact that the number of persons in intensive care units has reduced in recent days.

Despite the rise in the omicron version, the government has imposed few further limitations, focusing on the vaccine pass, which was authorised by France’s parliament and Constitutional Council last week.

According to studies, Omicron is less likely to induce serious disease than the prior delta version. Omicron spreads faster than other coronavirus strains and has already taken hold in a number of nations. It also infects persons who have been vaccinated or have been infected by previous versions of the virus more easily.

Critics dispute whether the pass will make much of a difference in a country where 94 percent of adults have received at least one vaccine dosage, and protests against the new law were conducted on Saturday. The administration hopes that by doing so, it will safeguard the most vulnerable and relieve strain on overcrowded intensive care units, where the majority of patients are unvaccinated.


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