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Kim Jong-un travels with his toilet, and anyone using it will be killed; Why?

According to a former North Korean Guard Command employee who spoke with the Washington Post, Kim Jong-un traveled around the world with a toilet that followed him wherever he went. According to him, the leader’s excretions expressed information about his health and could not be ignored.

According to The Chosunilbo, a South Korean news outlet, a portable toilet would have prevented sewer divers from seeing into the supreme leader’s stools. There are reports that the North Korean dictator has installed facilities in all of his vehicles and will only travel by car from now on. His bulletproof Mercedes Benz, for example, has been adapted to allow him to ‘guard his faeces.’

According to rumors, Jong-un believes his feces might get into the wrong hands if he uses regular toilets. Reports state that his bodyguards keep an eye on his personal toilets, and anyone caught using them could be executed. As excessive obesity has been linked to a fourfold increase in cardiac failure, experts warned that he was ‘a heart attack waiting to happen’. Last month, it was reported that he had been forbidden to laugh for 11 days to mark his father’s death.

What can be learned from Kim’s stool?

Kim’s feces provide a wealth of information about his health. If he suffers from a serious health condition, his national and international profile could be damaged. It is possible for reports of health problems to be repeated and even become rumours, raising doubts about his ability to rule. Speculation about his replacement can be fueled by rumours about a fatal health danger. Kim’s image as a powerful figure is under threat, and he cannot afford all of this.


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