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Is it okay to drink and drive? Here’s a perfect reply from the cops!

Police in Mumbai responded to a question posed by a Twitter user, and their response is getting a lot of love from people on the microblogging site. The Maharashtra government has allowed the sale of wine in supermarkets and walk-in stores across the state. Shiv Sena leader Sanjay Raut also came out in support of the decision. As he told ANI in an interview on Friday, ‘wine is not liquor’. According to him, increasing wine sales will only benefit farmers. ‘We’ve done this to double farmers’ income. The BJP only opposes but does nothing for farmers,’ he added.

The Mumbai Police was questioned by a user on the microblogging site regarding Raut’s remark that if he drinks wine and drives, will he be ‘put behind bars’ or will he be shown the nearest bar? People were kind of impressed by the user’s intention to add the pun. However, the best response was yet to come.

Mumbai Police replied to the man’s tweet by suggesting he raise his bar and ride in a chauffeur-driven car like a responsible citizen after drinking. In addition, they stated that if the breathalyzer detects alcohol in the wine, then he will have to be their guest behind the bars. Mumbai Police’s tweet read: ‘Sir, we recommend you raise your bar & ride in a chauffeur-driven car, after drinking, like a ‘responsible citizen’. Else if the breathalyzer detects the alcohol content in the wine you drank (which it will to be frank), you will have to be our guest behind the bars’.

Mumbai Police’s response was ‘humorous’ but correct, opined netizens, and they said that Mumbai Police gave a really good reply. People also urged police to keep an eye on Raut’s car since the politician believes ‘wine is not liquor’.

Mumbai Police plays a great game on social media. Every time they get the chance, they show off their sassy side. Each time they run a campaign, Mumbai Police come up with something unique – whether it’s promoting a festival, trending news, or promoting one of their awareness campaigns. Mumbai Police has often been praised by netizens for their creativity.


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