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Biden demands release of US captive held in Afghanistan

The United States President Joe Biden asked for the release of US Navy veteran Mark Frerichs, who was kidnapped over two years ago in Afghanistan.

Frerichs, a civil engineer and contractor from Lombard, Illinois, was abducted in Kabul in January 2020. He is thought to be with the Haqqani network, which is tied to the Taliban.

“Endangering the safety of Americans or any other innocent civilians is never acceptable, and kidnapping is a particularly brutal and cowardly act,” President Joe Biden said in a statement commemorating the kidnapping’s second anniversary on Monday. “Before any consideration of the Taliban’s aspirations for legitimacy, Mark must be released immediately.” This isn’t a negotiable point.”

The announcement comes as Afghanistan faces a difficult humanitarian crisis in the aftermath of the United States’ exit in August. The Taliban swiftly took control of much of the country, and foreign aid that had been going into the country was virtually curtailed, placing the lives of millions of Afghans at risk of starvation or freezing to death.


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