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Diabetic patients too can have Gajar Ka Halwa, just replace the sugar with this

Diabetes is a condition that requires patients to be cautious of their diet. There are a number of foods that should be avoided, particularly sweets. However, this does not mean they can’t consume sweets. There are certain ways with which they can have sweets intelligently from time to time.

Gajar ka Halwa is a famous dessert that is made in most houses throughout the winter months. Diabetics are frequently advised to avoid sugary foods in order to maintain blood sugar control. This Indian pudding, however, is suitable for diabetics.

Certain ingredients may be added to Gajar ka Halwa to make it suitable for those with diabetes. Instead of using refined sugar, use natural sweeteners like dates and jaggery to make the dessert.

Here’s a quick recipe for Gajar ka Halwa for diabetic people:

Step 1: Place some finely grated carrots in a cooking utensil. Add some almond milk and boiled almonds to the carrots and simmer until the liquid has evaporated.

Step 2: In a separate bowl, combine paste of dates, raisins, and finely powdered cashews. Thoroughly combine these ingredients in the halwa.

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Step 3: Before serving, sprinkle the halwa with cardamom powder and pistachios.

Instead of sugar, dates have been utilised. This will sweeten the halwa while having no negative health consequences. For diabetics, jaggery can also be substituted for sugar. The steps would be the same, only the Halwa would be made with organic jaggery powder instead of date palm paste.

Despite the fact that dates and jaggery are natural sweets, diabetics should check with their doctor to see what’s allowed on their diet.


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