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Here are some valuable lessons from Mahabharata every child should learn

The Mahabharata is one of the greatest epics of Hindu mythology, and it offers the greatest lessons for us to be imbibed and learnt from. It provides solutions to many of our issues and life examples of how to live a happy life.

The Mahabharata epic story was presumably written centuries ago. Despite this, the legendary story continues to dominate all forms of art and enthral us even today. So, here are five key lessons we may learn from the Mahabharata.

1. A revengeful instinct can only lead to one’s doom

It is possible that the Mahabharata revolves around a war of duty. But we cannot deny that revenge was a big factor in the destruction of everything. Due to the foolish determination to destroy the Pandavas, the Kauravas lost everything. The children, including Draupadi’s five sons and Abhimanyu, were not spared in the fight.

2. Stand by what’s right; even fight for it

Arjuna was first afraid to fight against his kin. Krishna, on the other hand, reminded him that one must uphold Dharma (duty), even if it meant going against one’s own family. As a result, Arjuna had to live up to his role as a great Dharma fighter.

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3. The eternal bond of friendship

Krishna and Arjuna’s friendship is something we all aspire to be like. Perhaps the Pandavas were able to survive the conflict because of Krishna’s unwavering support and inspiration. We all remember the dramatic dice scene in which Krishna came to rescue Draupadi as her husbands gambled her away to ruin. The friendship of Karna and Duryodhan is equally encouraging.

4. Half knowledge can be dangerous

Abhimanyu, Arjuna’s son, shows how half-knowledge may be harmful. Abhimanyu understood how to get inside the Chkaravyuh, but he had no idea how to get out.

5. Don’t be swayed by greed

What did Yudhishthir gain from his avarice? On the other hand, he lost all he owned, from his kingdom to his fortune. And to gamble away a woman in the sake of arrogance! How can that possibly be justified?


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