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‘Quick and easy’ way to share your Wi-Fi password from your iPhone and iPad

Are you a first-time iPhone user still trying to figure out its features? We can help. Some of the features on your iPhone or iPad seem a bit tricky, such as sharing the Wi-Fi password, but they are not. There are a few simple steps you can take to do this.

  • Ensure that your device is running the latest versions of iOS, iPadOS, or macOS.
  • Disable the hotspot on your device. Using the Settings app, go to the Hotspot menu, and then turn it off.
  • On iOS/iPadOS, turn on Wi-Fi and Bluetooth, you can do this by going to the Settings app, then selecting Wi-Fi/Bluetooth, and turning it on.
  • If you are using a macOS device, go to the wireless menu on the right corner and enable the connection. Make sure Bluetooth is also enabled.
  • Ensure that your Apple ID is also stored in the other device’s contacts in order to log in.
  • If you go to the contacts app, then contact, then find the edit option at the top right, and add the email address, you can easily add the email address.
  • Make sure the other device is close by in order to avoid causing any issues.

Now let’s discuss how to share your wifi password.
1. Ensure that the device with which you are sharing the password is unlocked and connected to wifi. This can be done by going to settings, then Wi-Fi, and connecting to a Wi-Fi network.

2. Connect the other device to the Wi-Fi network you selected.

3. The pop-up will appear on your device requesting your permission if you wish to share your password. Tap on Done, then select the option to Share Password.

It’s that easy! Just follow these steps to connect your device to the wireless network.


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