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Japan’s ‘snow monsters’ emerge again

Every winter, the Japanese mountain range of Mount Zao is adorned with a plethora of large and little snow-capped figurines who resemble mythical beings. These figurines are known as juhyo in the area, which translates as ‘snow monsters’.

According to AccuWeather, a weather forecasting media firm, these mesmerising shapes are generated when a combination of complicated meteorological conditions occur simultaneously. The ‘snow monsters’ appear when the strong wind sweeps snow and water particles through the fir trees that encircle Mount Zao’s snow-capped hills. As a result, the snow and water droplets solidify in various forms against the tree branches.

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Tourists from all over the world came to view the winter allure of Mount Zao, which is best visible between January and mid-March. Tourists may obtain an extended view of juhyos by taking a ropeway trip from the foot of Mount Zao to the top of the mountain, according to THE GATE, a website dedicated to Japanese travel. At night, the snow sculptures are typically lighted with coloured lights.


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