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Old picture of couple draped in Russian, Ukrainian flags goes viral amid conflict

Many people took to their social media after Russia started a military attack on Ukraine on Thursday to share all sorts of messages, including photographs and videos from the conflict-torn country. Among them, an old photograph of a couple has gone viral. Shashi Tharoor also posted the photo with a touching remark.

‘Poignant: A man draped in the Ukrainian flag embraces a woman wearing the Russian flag. Let us hope love, peace and co-existence triumph over war and conflict’, read the tweet.

The image depicts a couple hugging each other. The man has a Ukrainian flag wrapped around him, while the woman has a Russian flag wrapped around her. According to The Washington Post, the shot was taken in 2019. It depicts Juliana Kuznetsova and her fiancee during a Max Korzh concert in Poland.

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With over 30k likes and a slew of supportive comments, the tweet has gone viral. People agreed with Tharoor’s point of view and emphasised the significance of regional peace. However, the MP is not the only one who has shared the image. ‘A picture is worth a thousand words!’, one Twitter user wrote while retweeting the image. ‘Love not war’, another wrote.


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