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Gardener sets world record by growing over 1200 tomatoes from a single plant

Many individuals began nurturing new hobbies such as baking or painting when the world was quarantined due to the Covid-19 pandemic. It meant getting an opportunity to work on revolutionary planting methods for a UK resident named Douglas Smith. Hence, in 2021, Smith cultivated a tomato plant that yielded 839 tomatoes on a single stem. He shattered his own record within a few months.

According to Guinness World Records, Smith beat his previous record on March 9, 2022, when he developed another green-house grown plant that produced 1,269 tomatoes from one single truss. Although the tomato plant was completely grown on September 27, 2021, the verification procedure took weeks to complete before the formal record permission was obtained.

Smith shared the news on Twitter, much to the pleasure of horticultural fans all around the world. ‘OMG!! I cannot even imagine that… what a lot of tomatoes’, a Twitter user wrote while congratulating Smith. Another person added, ‘What sorcery is this???? Incredible!!! Congratulations!’

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Smith previously made headlines when he planted a gigantic 21-feet sunflower in his Stanstead Abbotts backyard. In September 2020, he also set another food-related record when he cultivated the world’s biggest tomato, weighing 3.1 kgs, beating Peter Glazebrook’s previous record of 2.8 kgs.


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