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3 Rotis on the ‘same plate – same time’ is not good; Read on to know why…

According to Hinduism, Tridev, or the trinity of gods (Brahma, Vishnu, and Mahesh), is in charge of the creation, maintenance, and destruction of all that occurs in the cosmos. As a result, the number three should not be considered unlucky. One of Hindus’ numerous beliefs is that we should not take three rotis/chapatis at the same time.

Why? In religious circles, the number three is considered unlucky. While worshipping, no object or element is consumed in this quantity. You’ve probably noticed that three rotis are never placed on a platter at the same time in a house or restaurant. As a result, understanding why three rotis are not kept together on a platter is critical. We’ll investigate the theological and scientific rationales behind this.

Religious belief: 
A deceased individual is served three rotis at once, according to Hindu traditions. Before the deceased’s Trayodashi ceremonies, it is customary to place three rotis together in a dish of food. As a result, having three rotis on the dish is considered unlucky. It is also believed that if three Rotis are eaten together on a plate, hatred is aroused.


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