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Kiwis ordering groceries from Aussies, aiming to save money!

What would you do to save money on groceries? Should I go to a different grocery store? Looking for a better website? But what if you order from a different country? This isn’t about luxury foods, but rather about everyday necessities like wheat, dried fruits, almonds, and so on. Calling a store in another nation for your daily groceries may appear to be excessive, but consumers in New Zealand are doing the same. What’s the reason? New Zealand has exorbitant costs. But isn’t it more expensive to get food from another country? Evidently not.

Inflation is a problem for New Zealand. Food costs were 7.6% higher in March compared to the same month last year. This is the most significant yearly gain in more than a decade. The price of fruits and vegetables increased by 18%. Fuel costs are already out of control. Annual inflation was 6.9%, a three-decade high. According to an article in The Guardian, buyers are purchasing food from Australia since it is a cheaper choice.

According to the news agency, a woman stated that prices in Australia were substantially lower than in New Zealand. Even when delivery (by air) costs are included, it turns out to be a better value. It takes some time for the things to come from Australia, but the customers say the wait is worth it. Customers are now opting to order non-perishable products. A lady in New Zealand informed local media that she saved 35% on groceries. She allegedly ordered massive quantities of nuts, dry products, and toiletries.


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