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‘Beaten by sticks and clubs’: Tanzanian sensation Kili Paul attacked-VIDEO

New Delhi: Kili Paul, a well-known Tanzanian social media influencer, was recently involved in an unfortunate event. He was allegedly assaulted with a knife and beaten with sticks by unidentified males. However, he was able to defend himself and flee the scene after striking back at the perpetrators.

Kili wrote about the event on his Instagram Story, along with a photo of himself in pain. ‘I was assaulted by 5 people while defending myself, and my right-hand toe was cut by a knife, and I received 5 stitches, and I was beaten by sticks and clubs, but thank God I defended myself after beating two people, and they ran away, but I was already hurt, so please pray for me.’

Kili was recently honored by the Indian High Commission in Tanzania by Binaya Pradha, the Indian High Commissioner, for overcoming the language barrier and building a name for himself on social media. Kili Paul has 3.6 million Instagram followers alone, and his sister Neema Paul is also a social media phenomenon. He generally dances in the open, as most of his dance videos are shot in this style. He dances to popular Bollywood and South Indian cinema tunes.


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