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Patients and survivors of cancer should avoid these 5 foods; Experts opinion! (Video of Chhavi Mittal)

Chhavi Mittal, a Telly Award-winning actress, was recently diagnosed with breast cancer. The actress didn’t hold back when it came to discussing her chronic illness with her fans and following. Since being diagnosed with the illness, she has been quite active on social media, giving health updates to her followers.

Chhavi Mittal recently released a video of herself eating in the hospital after undergoing surgery. She expressed gratitude to her pals for delivering her home-cooked meals in accordance with her physicians’ meal restrictions. Chhavi Mittal also mentioned in her article that cancer patients should avoid eating white sugar entirely. They can, however, consume jaggery-based delicacies.

Cancer Survivors and Patients Should Avoid These Foods!!!

When one consumes alcohol, the liver converts it to acetaldehyde, a carcinogenic chemical. This chemical is thought to increase DNA damage and oxidative stress. This substance also interferes with the body’s immunological function and makes it harder for the body to combat malignant cells. Women who drink alcohol are more likely to get breast cancer, according to multiple studies. Alcohol is a cancer-causing substance and should not be ingested. If you wish to drink it, you should limit yourself to no more than one drink each day.

Processed Meats
Processed meats are those that have been preserved by the use of salting, smoking, or canning. They are mostly red meats. Sausage, ham, and hot dogs are examples of processed red meat. Carcinogens are produced as a result of the procedures used to prepare meat, which is a primary cause of stomach cancer.

Overcooked Foods
Carcinogens are also produced when meals are overcooked. Carcinogens raise the risk of cancer by causing changes in the DNA of cells. When foods are cooked at high temperatures or over an open flame, they are frequently overdone. Grilling, pan-frying, and barbecuing are some of these cooking methods. Overcooking starchy meals like potatoes, according to some research, is also detrimental. To lessen the danger of carcinogens, healthy cooking methods such as pressure cooking, baking, roasting, and poaching should be employed.

Sugary meals (ways to limit sugar cravings), as Chhavi Mittal mentioned in her piece, are a no-no for cancer patients. They raise the chance of developing cancer. Consuming excessive sugary meals also increases the chance of developing health issues such as obesity and type 2 diabetes. Both disorders cause inflammation in the body and contribute to oxidative stress. This raises the chance of developing some forms of cancer.

Some common sugar-rich foods are –

  • Sweetened drinks like soft drinks, sports drinks, energy drinks
  • Cookies
  • Dairy desserts like ice cream and yogurt
  • Candies
  • Cakes

Refined Carbohydrates
Refined and processed carbohydrate-rich meals such as pizza, bagels, breads, and pastries should also be avoided. Instead, eat whole-wheat bread, brown rice, and cereals. These foods are high in vitamins, minerals, and fibre. If you are a cancer patient or survivor, you should see your doctor before incorporating any of these items into your diet. Otherwise, we recommend that you see your doctor about your usual diet in order to be safe and healthy.



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