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The great sand grab alarms the world!

UN report calls for immediate action to avoid a ‘sand crisis,’ including a ban on beach extraction. The United Nations warns that the world is running out of sand. The sand usage is largely unregulated, something the United Nations has warned against.

Another problem is anticipated to strike the world soon: a sand shortage. Sand is the world’s most exploited solid substance and the second-most used global resource after water. Its use is generally unregulated. This implies we’re devouring it faster than geological processes can replace it, which can take hundreds of thousands of years.

The United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP), based in Kenya, has issued a warning due to the unregulated use of sand. ‘Right now, we’re in a situation where the needs and expectations of our societies cannot be met without improved governance of sand resources’.

Global consumption of glass, concrete, and construction materials has tripled in the last two decades. This has reached 50 billion tonnes per year, or approximately 17 kilograms per person every day, according to the report, endangering rivers and coasts and even eradicating small islands.


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